About a Friend

27 12 2010

For you mortals, great and small. Of any colors, shapes & characters…let’s make our stand. Taste the warmth while you can. Embrace all moments, rise and fall.

From my life-chapter not so long ago, emerge the memory of one good human being. That sporty lady, she walked on earth like an open book. Spread her knowledge, talents & joy for the living. So the others around her would together glow.

Despite our differences, we had freely communicate through the language of music, written words and visual. About life, human stories, rights, wrongs, dreams…spiced up with laughter and sillyness.

Once she reminded me with simple allusion, as if that’s okay to be imperfect. She wrote, “We’re not weirdos. We are unique in our own way.”

Two weeks before she left, we met and chatted over several issues during two hours. Of that, must I be grateful. Given such luxurious chance even for just a while. I believe God speaks in mysterious style.

In the age of instant social media, daily conversation becomes almost border-free & easy. Now we ‘meet’ someone on the digital web, tomorrow that same person might exit the final gate. No passport, no visa, no ticket. Guess it’s the irony of technology.


Her sudden demise makes me wonder:

Time is just a frame, wherein we the mortals shall create meaningful works by every mean. Before the moment of departure arrives.

She was 26. Another proof, age is just a number. It’s our deeds which resonate, people will remember.

If only there’s a special device to reach the land of unknown (due to my obsession w/ sci-fi & fantasy)…untold expression could be shown. I need not a reply, for this is a one-way tweet. To her I would say:

“Adieu ejt. Thanks a bunch for being a smart-creative-honest friend. You’re gone too soon. But your messages and vibrant energy have affected many souls, including mine. Rest in peace & smile. Forever young, see you on the otherside !!!”




8 responses

27 12 2010

Thank you Rama, such a lovely note πŸ™‚
We’ll miss her, that’s for sure, but like you said, “Her messages and vibrant energy have affected many souls,including us.”
For that, I thank God for letting me get to know her.
RIP my dearest Joanne. Thanks for everything.

28 12 2010

Rama dear thanks so much for writing this … like i said before when you write with your feeling … the one who reading it will feel what your soul feel.

“We’re not weirdos. We are unique in our own way.”

that’s very affected me … to become me now … am learning through her … its OK to open yourself to the world ,,, its ok to be not perfect, after all there’s no one perfect in this world …

“i will always miss you soul sister … laugh, tears, music, food, movie and every single moment that etched in my heart”

Upin & Ipin

15 03 2011

salah satu alasan kenapa gw suka sekali milan kundera adalah karena dia berhasil membawa gw larut dalam alam berpikir dia. Dan di tulisan lo yg ini, lo berhasil melakukannya πŸ™‚

Kalau lo ini penyanyi, saat menulis ini, lo sedang menyanyi dari dimensi yang cuma lo yang tau, yang merasakan dan yang ada disana. Tapi, lo berhasil bawa itu sehingga pembaca ikut merasakannya juga πŸ˜‰

Turut berduka cita yaa Mas Ram.

16 03 2011
Rama Romindo

Thanks for the comment and prayer, Anty.

Maybe someday I could make song lyric out of this…
Because music & lyric is like a beautiful dance, they will click and ‘live forever’ thru our ears & minds.

6 04 2011

Hei saya pengunjung baru, walo setengah nggak paham dengan bahasa “bagus”-nya tapi trenyuh kalo ditinggal orang yang kita kenal mungkin dekat dalam usia yang sangat muda. uhm… jadi penasaran siapakah gerangan wanita yang luar biasa itu? *tangan gatel pengen ketik nama di google*

1 06 2011
Rama Romindo

Terimakasih Hermin atas komentar dan rasa penasarannya.
Hahaha…sampe mau ketik nama di om google segala.

Dia sahabat saya, meski kami baru sgt akrab sekitar 6 bulan terakhir hidupnya. Kami kerap menghabiskan waktu hingga dini hari via obrolan dunia digital dan membahas banyak hal. Soal hidup, karier, karakter manusia, hobi, hingga cerita hati.

Lewat tulisan, saya berusaha mencurahkan rasa kehilangan. Tiap manusia memang unik dan selalu memberi warna dalam hidup ini.

Cheerio !

9 05 2012
septiany utamidewi (@TianyUD)

i’m speechless and shed tears. This truly a great posting, ram..
We miss her so much yaa..

9 05 2012
Rama Romindo

I shed tears while writing this, on the 3rd last day of 2010. Someday I wanna transform it into song lyric. Joanne will forever be missed…

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