Lennon-McCartney, Paul & John

10 10 2010

3 years ago a bestfriend of mine with the initial AKA once asked, “Whose voice would you prefer singing, Lennon’s or McCartney’s?” I didn’t answer clearly back then.

I first truly heard their voice and songs about 15 years ago. These two influential men have impacted my musical journey.

John let his inner feelings out from his own point of view. Paul is always a great storyteller with his magical orchestratic sounds.

That is why they were magnificent while together. When two beautiful minds collide, they created only masterpieces. Fact is it couldn’t last for so long. In the end, they split up because they must. Anyway, it had to be two minds one destiny.

The two men have influenced my creative ability in many ways. And I’m sure, they’ve given impacts to innumerous people around the globe.

If McCartney died tomorrow, the status would be the same as to Lennon. Gone or alive: They were, are and will always be legends.

Hereby I send my eternal tribute to you both…McCartney-Lennon, John & Paul