30 09 2010

You rarely appear on the telly, for I watch just occasionally.

Maybe…you’re ordinary woman. But there’s something special hidden behind your brown-sharp eyes. Perhaps…you’re not the best news anchor this nation ever had, as I care only that you’re one of a kind. An elegant rarity. Probably…you sometimes do some sillyness in daily life. After all, you’re just a human. A being of imperfection.

No matter what the topic is. Whether it’s the conflict between Indonesia-Malaysia or the activity of Studi Banding. Watching you conduct the show with polite but striking questions send me reeling. Shall I lie about this feeling?

With or without glasses, your charm still magnifying. Yet the simple smile upon your face is a blister for many viewers across the archipelago.

Thy name is Frida. To me…you’re the stellar of news TV media!




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