Symbolistic Independence

31 08 2010

The moment has passed 14 days ago. During these past three years, the taste of independence to me felt so ordinary. Just another 17th August, a redundant ritual celebrated in only single day. Red-White flags were flying over, wave in the blue sky.

The glorious day that supposed to unite the whole country. The day when we reach our freedom, seemed to have long gone. As if we’re trapped in the past, lost in present to step forward.

Every time I heard the founding fathers’ speech on the telly, the inspiring fearless words sent me shiver. There’s always a glimpse of pride and dignity…which reminds me we were once a great country and inspired many nations to also grab their freedom.

I don’t blame those who decide to change their citizenship…the ones whose daily lives are actively on the other side of the border. When they feel neglected by their motherland, what more can I do? Not being nationalistic, some say. Nay…for life is a choice.

My blood is still red, the bones are always be white…65 is just a number. As a proud nation, there must be some ways to be great again !!!




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