Write is feel…Feeling write

19 07 2010

Dear you (writer, and the one who likes to spill your heart out through words),

“In all unimportant matters, style, not sincerity, is the essential” ~Oscar Wilde

Ever since I was young, writing is the best way to transfer the energy of sorrow and joy. Either on paper, napkin, notebook, or save it in the cell-phone. Back then, I adore the writing style of Hemingway, Pramoedya, Charles Dickens, or Hermann Hesse. Their works of word-art were and still are amazing, but as time goes by I need to find my own identity. The way to send my thoughts.

Most of the time, it took me around 2-3 hours to finish one article (including this new Post or what I say as die Neue Poste). Swinging from one sentence to another in order to form a good paragraph, is like finding the correct recipe to make a tasteful bowl of spaghetti (pardon my absurd analogy).

I don’t really have journalistic theories stuck in my head and don’t even know of how a good article should be. Ideas swim across my mind and I’ll try to transform them into a troop of words. Music is a great comrade to stimulate my thoughts, but sometimes a complete Silenzio (Silence) is exactly what I needed to express the inner feelings.

Because for me, to write is to feel and how I can spread the news (from my point of view) to a reader, anywhere he or she is. Doesn’t really matter how many minutes you spend or where to find pile of words… Maybe on the bed, in the bathroom or while you’re eating or singing or driving. When it cling right, it just fit in. That’s the greatness of bonding words into sentences. That is why: When writing becomes obligatory, the fun side is fading out.

I realized gramatically speaking, the title above is wrong. But then again, writing is to feel…and I felt that title just soothe me well and “rings” goooood.

Pick the style and taste to tell a story through your own choice of words. And that is all !!!




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